What is a MSDS? How important is it?

What is a MSDS? How important is it?
Date: 25/04/2021 10:06 PM

    A common type of document in import and export records is the MSDS, also known as the Chemical Safety Data Sheet.

    So what is an MSDS? How is the application in import and export of goods?

    In this article, together we explore the concept and the issues surrounding this term.

    What is an MSDS?
    First, MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet, ie chemical safety index. This is a document that contains information about a particular chemical. The purpose of this document is to enable those working in close contact with the chemical to proactively ensure safety and deal with affected situations.

    MSDS là gì?MSDS là gì - trang 2?MSDS là gì - trang 3

    MSDS is often used for items potentially dangerous during handling, transport, storage ... This document will give specific instructions to help prevent and handle in schools. possible chemical hazards.

    Therefore, when you want to export or import dangerous goods, it is required to present an MSDS for the carrier to consider whether to accept the carriage or not.

    What does an MSDS contain?
    In international sales transactions, the MSDS will be provided by the shipper (Shipper). Shipper can be a trading company, manufacturer, or distributor ... So there is no mandatory generic form or rule for the form of an MSDS, however a full content MSDS does. can send to the seller as well as clear customs, chemical declaration procedures. The contents are:

    Trade name: is the name shown on sales documents, transport documents. For chemicals that are compounds, chemicals with many chemical components will often have their own names, more commonly than the scientific names.

    Scientific name - chemical name: The purpose of the MSDS is to describe the summary of the chemical, so it is indispensable to the scientific name.

    CAS code: CAS code is mandatory information to be shown on the MSDS (CAS stands for Chemical Abstracts Service - chemical summary service), the Vietnamese name sounds a bit rough and long, so we can go ahead. referred to together as CAS codes for convenience. This CAS number is a unique identifier sequence of a chemical element; chemical compound; polymers; biological chain; mixtures and alloys.

    Name, address and information of the manufacturer

    Physical properties: Shows the solid-liquid-gaseous state of the chemical under normal conditions as well as color, boiling point, ignition point, solubility in solvents, ...

    Chemical composition information: Chemical formula, chemical family, acidity, basicity, ...

    Additional information: Chemical working procedures; work tools allowed to come into contact with chemicals; packing regulations; possible environmental impacts; ...
    Purpose & uses of MSDS
    Based on the concept I just mentioned, you must have partially visualized the uses of MSDS, let's list them together:

    Warning about hazards during use, must be followed by contact procedures.
    How to resolve if the problem is unfortunate.
    Construction of transportation, loading and unloading plans.
    Develop a storage plan on the ship and at the port warehouse so that it does not cause danger and affect other goods.
    Document that customs may require additional import and export documentation.
    CAS number of MSDS in customs declaration
    CAS number is an important parameter in MSDS, I mentioned in section 3 above.

    How is a CAS code needed?
    As mentioned above, each chemical corresponds to only 1 code. This is very necessary, because with a list of tens of millions of chemical elements, chemical compounds, to look up information, we need to rely on a factor other than the name. And that is also why the CAS code came into being.

    Such as the photo below, the CAS code of this chemical is 1533-45-5.


    CAS code in customs declaration?
    Based on the CAS code that the owner of the goods, the customs declarant will be able to check whether the targeted chemical is allowed to be imported or not. If allowed, how is the procedure to import such chemicals, do they normally import or declare chemicals?

    So how to look up CAS Code? It's simple, you just need to rely on Appendix 1 of Decree 113/2017 / ND-CP to be searched.

    Where to look up MSDS?
    In addition to understanding what an MSDS is, you may also want to know where to find or look up an MSDS.

    As I mentioned above, there is no requirement that an MSDS must follow a fixed form. So each MSDS created may have different appearance, as long as the content is enough (read here you will surely see something similar to the catalog of the goods, right?) .

    However, if you are creating an MSDS for the first time, you can also consult the available MSDSs to avoid missing content. For example, at the website of Sciencelab, for example, you access one of the two links I attached to this and look for a sample of the chemical you need to do MSDS, note that it will cost you.

    How to switch from MSDS to SDS?
    To talk about SDS, I will first summarize two issues of MSDS: form and content.

    In terms of form, the MSDS has no standards and about the content a lot, even the unimportant contents are mentioned.

    Derived from that problem, SDS was born (short for Safety Data Sheet). SDS will be implemented according to international standards of GHS (GHS is the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of chemicals developed by the United Nations to replace the standards of classification and creating private labels in each country. different family).

    SDS has only one form and includes 16 contents:

    Identification and supplier information
    Hazard identification
    First aid measures
    Firefighting measures
    Chemical spill response measures
    Handling and storage
    Exposure controls / Personal protection
    Physical and chemical properties
    Chemical stability and reactivity
    Information on toxicity
    Ecological information
    Disposal considerations
    Notes when transporting
    Legal information
    Other information...
    So when understanding the difference between MSDS and SDS, we can completely convert MSDS to SDS. The current trend is moving from MSDS to SDS to ensure Internationality as well as eliminating unnecessary content that causes complications.

    All together
    Going into MSDS, there will be a lot to say, but if you just need to find out what MSDS is? I will summarize, "This is a chemical safety index, created by the exporter to describe all of the properties of that chemical".

    We hope a little knowledge in this article will answer your questions.